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Search Education
2/20/2016-Justin Arn

Welcome to Google Trickery! The Blog that intends to expose every tip, trick, and Google Easter Egg there is, while at the same time maybe even examining some of Google's more rational functions.

My Name is Justin Arn, I'm an Internet and social media marketer and sometime web designer.  I'm also a huge aficionado of Google and despit reading hundreds of articles on the company and all the little things it offers users, I'm still presented with Google features I never knew about on a pretty regular basis.

This blog aims to be a comprehensive resource for the Google Features that I use or have experience with. In truth most Google apps, especially Search and Maps, warrant their own blog. In fact Google's platform runs so deep and its app offering is so extensive, I thought it best ti start by documenting the process of education. That is, I'm going to take all of the free classes, webinars, certification exams, etc. that Goog…

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